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Power Lines… 9/365

Power Lines… 9/365, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Nature put on quite a show during the commute home. Before this, I was in the parking lot of the shop I work at, leaning into 55+ MPH wind gusts.

Six exposure handheld (one of these days I will use a tripod, I swear) HDR generasted in Photoshop and tonemapped in Photomatix, as usual. I went in afterwards and processed this using the 7 point system and here we are.

Tomorrow night will be the true test of my 365 project as I have a staff meeting after work and will not get home until later in the evening than usual. No excuses though, only challenges to meet and conquer. Or maybe I’ll have an image of my big toe and call it art. Tomorrow will tell…

Thank you for visiting…

I pull over a lot more lately… 7/365

I pull over a lot more lately… 7/365, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

…as it is difficult to get a six exposure HDR off at 60 mph and have all the images line up nicely. This is a handheld HDR of on of the many beautiful open farmland areas on the route home from my parents house. I have been generating the HDR in Photoshop and then tone-mapping in Photomatix even though I have the stand alone Photomatix program. So far I am liking the results I have been getting, but I will need to do some more in depth study of it when I have the time. Maybe I can put it all together with the page I am trying to create on my HDR process.

It’s getting late, so Happy Mother’s Day (or at least what is left of it at this point) and thank you for visiting…

Sunset Nebula

Sunset Nebula, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Happy Sunday night.

This is an HDR image using 6 exposures, 1 stop apart from -4 to +1 at f/22 generated in Photoshop CS3, then tonemapped in Photomatix, then processed in Lightroom 2.0 Beta.

I have found that this formula makes for some pretty sharp and detailed HDR images and will be using this more frequently instead of the hand held, 3 image method I have been using for these types of shots.

My plan is to get an HDR “Checklist” together, putting the pieces of what I find to be the more successful HDR steps into a logical work flow, and posting it here probably by the end of this week as a page that I will be updating as need be. There will also be links to other HDR artists websites and tutorials as well. In the mean time, enjoy and thanks for visiting…