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Lone Red Cloud… 87/365

Lone Red Cloud... 87/365

This is a three image HDR of the sunrise this morning. I wanted to try a little comparison to see if I could recreate some of the aspects of the HDR technique using a single image and processing techniques. What I came up with after an hour of messing around with various procedures I either read about or made up on the spot was this:

Lone Red Cloud... 87.5/365

Not too bad, but a lot of the depth created by the contrast in the HDR is missing and to blast the contrast to that level in a singe image processing was making it look like crap to me.  I am sure I could spend another hour on it and get closer, burning here and dodging there, but then, there would be no real point to all that work excepting maybe a little reduction in the noise that is evident in the HDR images.  In any sense, it was a fun experiment…

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While on my walk… 80/365

While on my Walk... 71/365

As a rule, I try to walk around the block a couple of times a night.  as I was walking this sunset continued to get more and more brilliant, so at the end of the first lap, I shot this HDR of it.  I created this in the usual fashion

I am still working on the NY images, you can see my progress with some of them to this point on the Flickr account and by this weekend, I should have a post on the trip, putting the images with words and in some kind of logical order.  We have people coming back from and going out on vacation this week at work, so my schedule is a bit harried, but I will work diligently to have something up for you all, hopefully by Saturday night.  In the mean time, I will still be putting up my daily dose so until next time…

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Favoring Runway 03… 76/365

Favoring Runway 03... 76/365

Westosha Airport…Wilmot, Wisconsin…8:00pm…the sun showed itself for the last time after only being out from the clouds for an hour or so all day. It was a perfect evening for flying the pattern and practicing the various take off and landing techniques as the visibility, while more than 3 miles, was pretty hazy, and the sky did not look like it was ready to completely give up its stormy nature just yet…

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Red at Night..Finally… 36/365

Red at Night..Finally... 36/365

In one of the few hours I was awake today, I managed to see a most brilliant sunset. After I cant say how many days of scorching humidity and rainstorm after rainstorm, we finally got cooler breezes and a little Red at Night…

Red at Night..Finally HDR

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Water Tower… 19/365

Water Tower

Happy Friday and happy Memorial day weekend to boot!

It was a long week, and on the way home I decided to take a little diversion and headed over to the Almond Marsh Forest Preserve Blackbirdto get a wider view of the sunset.  They are closed when I am on the way home, but the gate at the Almond road entrance is far enough in from the road to allow a car to park there…so I did…except this time I was not alone.  A Subaru was already there and a bearded man with a tripod and a camera sporting a bazooka sized zoom lens was busily shooting away at a little blackbird standing on the post of the entrance sign, no more than 10 feet away.  With the heavy artillery he was using and the close proximity of the bird, he should have some very intimate images.  Hell, at that distance he could have focused in on its thoughts.

I turned off my car and got out slowly so as not to disturb the session that was going on and proceeded to shoot the sunset and the surrounding areas and even the same bird (i decided to shoot him after he had left the not so aesthetically pleasing entrance sign).  In between shots I would watch the progress of the photo shoot next to me which went on for another 10 minutes or so before the guy turned and realized I was even there.  After he got his heart started again, we introduced ourselves and made small talk about… well small talk.  Apparently he is a volunteer for the park and was going to see about being able to go in after hours to shoot if that was not going to get him into trouble.  If that is the case, I will be back with some more from here.  Until then…..

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Origin… 16/365

Origin... 16/365

I want to thank everyone who visits this site every day, I truly appreciate your visits and love seeing comments from you all. Feel free to email me too if you would like at jonosay@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to comment or critique in person rather than in a public comment. I am always looking for feedback to get better at what I love doing in every facet of my life, but especially here in blogging and in photography. Again thanks for your support and I hope to hear from you soon.

“Origin” is a 6 exposure HDR image done in my new traditional fashion: Photoshop for the gereation of the HDR file, Photomatix for the tonemapping and then back to Lightroom and Photoshop for the 7-Point System treatment then uploaded to you monitor.

Update on the HDR tutorial thing: not much to update. I have been exceptionally busy at work and have not had a lot of free time outside of that to add to my page, so I plan on releasing it in it’s unfinished state and adding to it as I go along. I want to just get a decent skeleton of an outline of my process first, then out it comes for you all. I will post it in the next couple of days (I Know, I know, I have said that all before, but I really will this time….really). With that too, I will be adding a page on my technique for creating the “Orton Effect” I put in a lot of my images, so look for that in the future as well.

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