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One Hour in the Walmart Parking Lot… 70/365

One Hour in the Walmart Parking Lot... 70/365

…waiting for the parents of cub scouts to arrive and pick up their shirts for day camp…had a more sinister feel to it…back corner of the parking lot, white Honda with the trunk open, random cars coming and going…very sinister in a suburban, soccer mom, minivan sort of way…

One Hour in the Walmart Parking Lot

…so to look less conspicuous, I started taking pictures of the sky…nothing going on here officer…really…

One Hour in the Walmart Parking Lot-2

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I apologize for seemingly falling off of the planet there for a good couple of days, but yesterday was the big photo shoot for my company day and in the last 48 hours, I have seen and edited more photos than I would normally see all week. Everything went smoothly with the help of our marketing director, and after a full day of shooting and a full day of editing, we now have about 51 head-shots in various sizes and shapes for use in all the normal business materials.

Guillermo is not one of those images unfortunately. After starting with us a couple of weeks ago, someone tried in vain to assassinate him for “knowing too much” and really only managed to get a pen stuck in him and stain his shirt. His dedication is the stuff of legends, being there every morning, pen wound or not, but the marketing department has decided that it is not in our best interest to have a bleeding lunch bag in our promotional material. What ever happened to “no PR is bad PR?”

Phone Lined Sunset… 52/365

Phone Lined Sunset...52/365

For today’s image, I just have a brief look at the sunset from my drive home. I am literally going cross-eyed from looking at a computer monitor, and promise to get back on track with the daily images tomorrow. As always and until then…

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Turmoil HDR… 32/365

Turmoil HDR... 32/365

This monster went through early this morning, bringing 90 degree heat and pure humidity in it’s wake. Standing out in the parking lot at work, we were all looking up into the swirling mass of clouds rolling overhead, pointing out potential funnel clouds as they approached or went over, secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of one, outwardly hoping not to…As fast as it came, it left, and we all went back to the rest of the day.

Turmoil is a 6 image handheld HDR generated in Photoshop CS3, tone-mapped in Photomatix and developed in Lightroom.  I took it back into Photoshop, grabbed one of the middle exposures of the bracketed photos that made up the HDR and layered in the trees at the bottom to calm it down a little bit, then burned it into silouhette.  Other than that, it is pretty much as is, haha. 

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Water Tower… 19/365

Water Tower

Happy Friday and happy Memorial day weekend to boot!

It was a long week, and on the way home I decided to take a little diversion and headed over to the Almond Marsh Forest Preserve Blackbirdto get a wider view of the sunset.  They are closed when I am on the way home, but the gate at the Almond road entrance is far enough in from the road to allow a car to park there…so I did…except this time I was not alone.  A Subaru was already there and a bearded man with a tripod and a camera sporting a bazooka sized zoom lens was busily shooting away at a little blackbird standing on the post of the entrance sign, no more than 10 feet away.  With the heavy artillery he was using and the close proximity of the bird, he should have some very intimate images.  Hell, at that distance he could have focused in on its thoughts.

I turned off my car and got out slowly so as not to disturb the session that was going on and proceeded to shoot the sunset and the surrounding areas and even the same bird (i decided to shoot him after he had left the not so aesthetically pleasing entrance sign).  In between shots I would watch the progress of the photo shoot next to me which went on for another 10 minutes or so before the guy turned and realized I was even there.  After he got his heart started again, we introduced ourselves and made small talk about… well small talk.  Apparently he is a volunteer for the park and was going to see about being able to go in after hours to shoot if that was not going to get him into trouble.  If that is the case, I will be back with some more from here.  Until then…..

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Origin… 16/365

Origin... 16/365

I want to thank everyone who visits this site every day, I truly appreciate your visits and love seeing comments from you all. Feel free to email me too if you would like at jonosay@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to comment or critique in person rather than in a public comment. I am always looking for feedback to get better at what I love doing in every facet of my life, but especially here in blogging and in photography. Again thanks for your support and I hope to hear from you soon.

“Origin” is a 6 exposure HDR image done in my new traditional fashion: Photoshop for the gereation of the HDR file, Photomatix for the tonemapping and then back to Lightroom and Photoshop for the 7-Point System treatment then uploaded to you monitor.

Update on the HDR tutorial thing: not much to update. I have been exceptionally busy at work and have not had a lot of free time outside of that to add to my page, so I plan on releasing it in it’s unfinished state and adding to it as I go along. I want to just get a decent skeleton of an outline of my process first, then out it comes for you all. I will post it in the next couple of days (I Know, I know, I have said that all before, but I really will this time….really). With that too, I will be adding a page on my technique for creating the “Orton Effect” I put in a lot of my images, so look for that in the future as well.

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