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Ten… 116/365

Ten... 116-365

One of my favorite cooking tools, cleaned, oiled and ready to go to work…another minimalistic shot to go against he complexity of my day…trying to add some zen or something like that to balance everything out…

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They Came in a Wildflower Pack… 108/365

They Came in a Wildflower Pack... 108/365

That is what my wife said when I asked her what hey were called, so I guess that is their name…seems a bit long winded to me, but I’m not a botanist…

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Digging In… 106/365


If the light looks a little strange on this one, it is because it was flipped upside down…It gives one less of a headache this way I think and my daughter insisted it looked better…so there…I liked this one for the way the legs seem to blend in with the stamen of the flower…as though he was really digging into it…


These macros were not as easy to capture as some out there make it look…these little guys move…a lot…more than I thought they would…but then I guess “busy as a bee” was not coined by accident…These were the sharpest of the lot, but I am sure if I worked longer at it and shot more megabytes of images I would have captured an even better one…or maybe I am my worst critic…maybe…

Gratuitous Flower Shots:

(because you all asked for it….or maybe because I happened to take these as well today…anyway…)


Yep, more of the Mexican Sunflower shots, except this time from the back of the flower rather than the front… I am finding out (by accident on the first one “Cosmos”) that a lot of flowers are just as interesting from the back of the flower as they are from the front.  More subtle, but I like the organic symmetry.  


I also took this opportunity to play around with Lightroom 2’s new graduated filter feature…the above desaturation was created using it…a nice little feature added from the beta version I was crashing…I mean using…


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From the Center… 103/365

From the Center... 103/365

Reminds me of rays of light from the darkness…the end of a long two weeks of staff shortage at the shop…perhaps I will be wordier tomorrow but for tonight…

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The Thin Clear Line… 86/365

The Thin Clear Line...86/365

A super close, super thin depth of field image of some bricks drawn by my daughter. Whether right or wrong artistically, I like a thin depth of field sometimes…physically it creates the appearance that the bricks are twisting and that the clear area is a sort of depression between crests when actually the paper is pretty flat…philosophically, it speaks to how little can be clear…how one may be able to see the whole image but can only truly discern one thin clear line…

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Mr. Linden’s Library(2)… 39/365

Mr Linden's Library(1)... 39/365

Part 2 of the series…there is actually a lot more work in this than it looks as there are 4 images of houseplants growing out of the book. I will need to add some more and do some other tweaks to it tomorrow as it is getting late here.

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Depth of Field… 30/365

Depth of Field... 29/365

1/200 sec f/3.2 ISO 400 taken from the parking lot at Liberty Prairie Conservancy of the corn field next to the park.  Corn rows like ripples in water.  I took the original image, developed it in Lightroom, desaturated all the colors except the green (obviously) then took it to Photoshop where I did the Lab color trick and some Orton effect and here it is.

Some others from the same series…

Depth of Field-3

Depth of Field-1

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In Motion

In Motion, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Sorry i am a little late on the update….well over a week could be considered “a little” relatively speaking. Between the flu and some serious career choice/moves/chages i have been a bit busy. Not too busy to do a little macro work with some selective coloring to boot. Enjoy, and as always feel free to drop me a comment, question, anything at all. Thanks.



Solitude, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Well it is Sunday night and I have my take for the week. Another cloudy cold day, so I decided to pull up some older images and play around with some single image HDR, Orton effect and desaturation techniques and after all that, “Solitude” came out.