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A Black Theme…

Black Chrysler 300C SRT8… 81/365

Black Chrysler 300C SRT8... 72/365

Just think about the gas pedal on this car and you are well on your way to a ticket. I had the pleasure of being able to drive this vehicle to work one day for some brake service and I have to say compared to my Civic Hybrid….well there is no comparing the two…The Germans blessed this vehicle with their ability to paint a deep black car, so deep, it disappears into the night and the blacktop driveway with its mirror-like reflection…

Black-Eyed Susan… 82/365

Black-Eyed Susan... 73

Half of a flower bed in my back yard is crowded with these things…a little bug eaten, but still pleasant to look at…

Tomorrow I will be working on the NY images exclusively until I have created the post I promised earlier…until then…

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Statue of Liberty… 61/365

The Statue of Liberty... 61/365

My first visit to the big apple and Liberty Island since Microsoft’s Flight Simulator does not count.  I have to admit though, the statue seems a lot larger on TV and in the movies than in real life…Still an awe inspiring sight to stand at her base and absorb the history of Ellis Island.



Overlook… 61.5/365


On the way to NYC, there was a scenic overlook we had to make a stop at.  This is a 3 exposure HDR of the view looking over the Hudson River.  I particularly liked the way the cloud dipped into the hills on the horizon.

Daisy… 62/365

Daisy... 62/365

The family we were staying with our east lived across the street from a forest preserve that had a little bit of everything…including poison ivy…no one was affected but there was some question for a couple of hours…

More to come, and I may even double back and add some more from the trip as I finish them even if they are not in chronological order with the image of the day ones…my game…my rules…so there, haha.

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Untitled…for now… 58/365 and Thumbnail… 58.5/365

Untitled...for now... 58/365

It was a tie today for the image of the day. I am still not sure which one hits better over the other…I can say that Thumbnail was the earliest image of the day, clocking in at 4am.

Thumbnail... 58.5/365

I will be heading out to Ohio tomorrow and then on to New York to visit friends so I may not get as much of an opportunity to post, especially tomorrow night, but I will catch up as soon as Internet access allows. Until then…

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Wheat Field… 55/365

Wheat Field... 55/365

With the kids at their grandparents house in Ohio, me and Sabrina packed the dog in the car and went for a ride at sunset…after getting ice cream of course. Following Deep Lake Rd. north, the pavement becomes more narrow and the trees open up to small portals that reveal the fields behind them. What you cant see in this image are the sparrow sized mosquitoes loitering around my car. One of the fun side effects to all the flooding around the area.


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Honda Done!… 54/365

Honda Done!... 54/365

This cryptic little post it note was the best thing I had seen, heard or read in three weeks. A perfect send off to my week and a half off of work. For those out there who wonder why it costs so much or takes so long to fix your car sometimes, this Honda would have given you all you need to become a believer and question no more. It was like an onion with all of its layers, each one broken and each one hidden by the last. Every repair we performed on this car then showed another failed component down the line that could not have been found without the first part working correctly. Accident cars suck and this one was no exception…I will be posting some photos of the circuitry that made up some of this nightmarish onion tomorrow.

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Light-Burst… 40/365

Light-Burst... 40/365

Ok, so I am not entirely done with the last digital project, but I have not given it up as of yet either.  I figure I have all the images I need but since they were all taken yesterday, I cannot post the changes on it for today anyhow.  Of course this is an image of the sunset on my way home.  I am really glad I take my rig with me everywhere…

This is a three exposure HDR image…PhotoshopCS3, Photomatix, Lightroom, Upload….the usual for me lately in my HDR work-flow.  Some others in the same series….



I will be camping all day tomorrow in Wilmot Wisconsin, so I may not get a chance to post tomorrow night as I think the Wi-Fi signal is pretty weak at the campsite. I will have plenty to shoot though, so I will double up on the posts on Sunday when we get back. Until then, Happy Father’s day…

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Simply… 37/365

Simply... 37/365

After a week plus of rain…and storms…and flooding…and tornado warnings, it was simply nice to look up to the sky and see nothing but blue with only the white of the moon puncturing its purity. As much as I loved the texture and the drama of the weather last week, this was simply needed.

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Church at Sunset… 33/365

Church at Sunset... 33/365

Storms bloomed all around us today and created some spectacular horizons to photograph. This is a church in Grayslake I pass by on my way home. I thought it was fitting that the rays from the sun broke through the clouds right at the steeple.

This is a six exposure handheld HDR image done in my usual fashion. Incredibly, the blue at the top and the yellow under the clouds was how it actually looked (well a little more saturated after the HDR generation, but similar all the same).

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Turmoil HDR… 32/365

Turmoil HDR... 32/365

This monster went through early this morning, bringing 90 degree heat and pure humidity in it’s wake. Standing out in the parking lot at work, we were all looking up into the swirling mass of clouds rolling overhead, pointing out potential funnel clouds as they approached or went over, secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of one, outwardly hoping not to…As fast as it came, it left, and we all went back to the rest of the day.

Turmoil is a 6 image handheld HDR generated in Photoshop CS3, tone-mapped in Photomatix and developed in Lightroom.  I took it back into Photoshop, grabbed one of the middle exposures of the bracketed photos that made up the HDR and layered in the trees at the bottom to calm it down a little bit, then burned it into silouhette.  Other than that, it is pretty much as is, haha. 

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Red Damselfly… 29/365

Red Damselfly... 28/365

A special thank you to Kdownphotography for correcting me on the name of these creatures.  Aparently, if the wings are folded back at rest, they are Damselflies and if they go out to the sides at rest they are Dragonflies.  In any sense, I think they are cool looking and make for some great macro images.  So far I have only seen the two different colorings and being ignorant to the insect world, there could only be the two colorings for all I know, but I doubt it.  Anyone who want to comment about it, please do.

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Lantern… 13/365

Lantern... 13/365

I spent the day shooting HDR images of an old marine lantern on the back deck before the rains came. It was a rough choice tonight, so I kind of have two from that shoot to offer for the 365 project. 


Don’t get used to it though, I am lucky to get one of these out a day let alone two, but I liked them equally as much so there.  Then of course the rains started to move in on a beautiful day, but rather than get all upset about it, I just did what came natural, shot the incoming clouds in HDR…


Ok so I really have three I liked for today.  Well, but then there was the first shoot I had this morning…

Toe Socks 

I still have trouble looking at those things…It’s just weird seeing toes on socks in my opinion, but my daughter likes them so there they are.

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Black Lexus… 12/365

Black Lexus... 12/365

Almost late on this one, but I was having some technical difficulties in that the HDR generating feature in Photoshop was not aligning the images at all unless it was the first image after opening the program.  After I figured that out, I had to close the program after each HDR before I could go on to the next.  Very time consuming, But I am glad I stuck with it.

OK so where I was flower happy before, now I am getting a little car happy, but my life seems to center around them and we have had a lot of really beautiful cars come in for detailing lately, so it’s hard to resist.  I have added a bonus image for today of a Honda S2000 that came in earlier this week too.  While I cannot use it for today’s image of the day since it was taken on Wednesday, I never said I could not post more than one photo as long as one of them was from start to finish on the same day…so there.

 Honda S2000

I love the way metal looks in HDR.

I will try to be better and post a little earlier tomorrow….for now, good night and…

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’99 Mustang… 10/365

’99 Mustang… 10/365, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Posting a little earlier than normal as I will have a meeting to attend after work and will not get home until later tonight.

This gem came in for a detail…it’s a 1999 Mustang convertible with a little less than 20,000 miles on it. i shot it in front of the shop, 6 exposure HDR generated in Photoshop and tonemapped with Photomatix. Not much needed after the tonemapping so here it is.

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