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Digging In… 106/365


If the light looks a little strange on this one, it is because it was flipped upside down…It gives one less of a headache this way I think and my daughter insisted it looked better…so there…I liked this one for the way the legs seem to blend in with the stamen of the flower…as though he was really digging into it…


These macros were not as easy to capture as some out there make it look…these little guys move…a lot…more than I thought they would…but then I guess “busy as a bee” was not coined by accident…These were the sharpest of the lot, but I am sure if I worked longer at it and shot more megabytes of images I would have captured an even better one…or maybe I am my worst critic…maybe…

Gratuitous Flower Shots:

(because you all asked for it….or maybe because I happened to take these as well today…anyway…)


Yep, more of the Mexican Sunflower shots, except this time from the back of the flower rather than the front… I am finding out (by accident on the first one “Cosmos”) that a lot of flowers are just as interesting from the back of the flower as they are from the front.  More subtle, but I like the organic symmetry.  


I also took this opportunity to play around with Lightroom 2’s new graduated filter feature…the above desaturation was created using it…a nice little feature added from the beta version I was crashing…I mean using…


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