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Marginal VFR… 110/365

Marginal VFR... 110/365

This was the view from the side of the windscreen on out flight up to Eagle River this Friday…the scene is a rather deceptive one in that the clouds, while dark, were rather benign, there was no turbulence, in fact it was rather smooth, and although it was hazy and the light was falling, the visibility was still over 10 nautical miles…

I have Saturday’s and today’s images all set to go, but I am tired from the weekend and the flight home and will post a triple play including tomorrow night’s image.  I wanted to give all of you that visited while I was “on vacation” something for today, and rather than just slapping on the last three day’s work, I want to spend some time putting it all together nicely…

Marginal VFR... 110.5-365

Both of these images are straight from the camera with no processing…something I rarely do, but I thought it worked well with these..OK actually when I tried to process them, they started to look like crap, so in their own way they were telling me to lay off…so I did…

(By the way…the instrument panel only looks like it was a bouncy ride…the exposure was too long and I moved…a shot that I would normally throw away, but in this case there was something about it I liked…)

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Cherry Blossom 2/365

Cherry Blossom 2/365, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

Ok, so I have been on a bit of a macro flower image kick lately. Maybe it is because this winter was relentless and anything with more color than all white, gray or cold has an appeal to me right now. In any sense, it gives me the opportunity to work on some of my Orton like effects as flowers seem to enjoy that sort of treatment. Thanks for visiting.

Bleeding Heart – 1/365

Bleeding Heart, originally uploaded by Jonosay.

They have started to bloom in our front yard (if this strange flower can be said to bloom).

I have decided to take on the image a day challenge (Project 365) to not only sharpen my photographic skills, but to also work on my bloggin skills by posting and writing something each day as well.  As I have just started today, I am using the image I finished right before joining the group on Flickr, but for the rest of the week, I will adhere to the challenge of the week as best as possible.  This week it is a black and white challenge, so look forward to me getting back to my roots in photography….

As always comments and critique are always welcome.  Thanks for visiting.