Jono-Project 365

Apogee... 3/365

An image a day….from start to finish….and cheating would only be cheating myself, so rest assured, the image was taken, processed, enhanced, manipulated and uploaded all in the same day (OK some of them may not have all of those steps, but you get the idea). 

The concept was introduced to me on the Flickr website around the first of the year, 2008, and at initially, I thought it would be a bit over ambitious for me to assume that I could even come close to pulling it off.  Now after a few months of Lightroom and Photoshop under my belt and almost a year into the digital photography obsession, I am a little more confident….a little.  And I only say that because of my personal intentions with this project… 

I pull over a lot more lately... 7/365

My goal with this is not only to be able to produce an image from scratch each day, but to maintain a certain level of quality with it; to not just point, shoot and post to meet a daily deadline, but to ensure that I am creating an image each day, telling a story with light and even words at times.  Some days will be easier than others for sure, but I think this will be a great relief to my stress as I will be practicing a form of meditation for myself on a daily basis by disciplining myself to a routine of daily creativity.  Oh, and loosing a little sleep in the process, of course.

 Morning Commute (Pause...)

As always, I welcome any comments, critique, criticism, all of the above…..and while I reserve all rights to the images posted in this weblog, I am reasonable about it all, just email me of your intentions and we can work something out I am sure.

Thanks for visiting……….


3 thoughts on “Jono-Project 365

  1. Erhan

    The aim of my life is to learn, think and discover anything I didn’t learn..Within this aim, it is hard to find people share ideas, talk about antyhing brings more intellectuality.I am one of the users of redbubble and I also rebegan to taking the shots of moments making me thinking..I still am a “rookie” and will be.. I was impressed of your work of art.. You have great eyes.I am happy to see your profile and “half” meet you from my side..According to your talents, I d mean that you haven’t been living “as an ordinary person” but staying ordinary in the mind and heart..
    If you would like to get a contact with me, here are some sites where you can also take a look who I am; at this link you will find two more links:


  2. Photo Gal CA

    I love your blog. I just started a photoblog a couple of months ago. I like the idea of shotting 365 days a year. That certainly is a motivating factor to get up and out and see what is going on in the world. You have a great eye and I like your composition. What are you shooting with?

  3. Jonosay Post author

    @ Erhan…Thank you for your kind words, I have found you at your other locations as well and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future…we apparently share a lot of the same philosophy as well…

    @ Photo Gal CA…thanks for stopping and I hope you will come back often. I took a quick peek at your blog as well and as a first impression, you have an excellent eye for color…I will be back and have added your site to my blogroll…The idea of an image a day was a bit intimidating but has turned out to be quite exciting. Even on the days when I just don’t feel like doing it at all, I manage to muster up the creativity and those days tend to be the most productive…go figure. AS far as my set-up, I have a Canon 40D as my main body and I switch between 4 lenses, my favorite and most used being the EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens.

    @ Both of you…thanks again for visiting and I look forward to seeing you both more….



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