About Me….


My name is James Even and I am the author of Jonosay’s Weblog, a blog that, at the time of this writing, was created mostly as a means to place my thoughts, photography and just anything that comes along for me and share it with whoever will take the time to read and enjoy the ride with me.  I have no specific area of expertise to share, really, but I am a  writer, private pilot, photographer, musician, auto mechanic, service advisor, online gamer, chef,  you name it and I have probably done it or tried to or at least read about it, so expect some things about all of the above.

Above all, though,  I am a father of two and a husband of one.  I recently quit smoking and drinking, and while I am sure that constant battle will will poke it’s head into a post or two or one thousand, I am hoping not to make too much of a crusade out of it or go on whining about how much it sucks, even though it does.

I plan on letting this project of mine sort of grow itself as time goes since this is my first attempt at blogging and as I mentioned, I have no real adgenda to speak of. 

I welcome any feedback, advice, criticism, support, etc and can be reached personally at jonosay@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting.


4 thoughts on “About Me….

  1. lumina99

    Hi James:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!
    thanks for sharing!

    Joni Kalstrup
    (aka Pack 191’s Den Master’s crabby half.)

  2. Jonosay Post author

    Hi! I am glad you enjoy my work, I appreciate the vitit…I am shooting with a Canon 40D and any one of four lenses…a 50mm f/1.4…a 70-200 f/2.8…a 100mm f/2.8 macro (my most utilized lens) and the 28-135mm kit lens that came with the camera…for processing I use Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS3 and the HDR tone mapping stuff is done in Photomatix 3.

  3. Jonosay Post author

    @ Joni: haha, I did not find you to be crabby when we last met..I appreciate the compliment and the isit and will see you on the next scouting event…


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