The Elements… 111/365

Elements... 111/365

I don’t do too many things like this…collage I think it is called…but after I was finished processing the images from Saturday, I noticed a bit of a pattern…other than they were all water drops on a leaf…they sort of represented all the elements…well the ones of old that is…

It had rained Friday night…a storm that was pretty close as I tied down the airplane and hurried to pack the bags into the car…and the next morning the yard was littered with leaves full of water droplets…


This is a macro of some floor cover slash mossy plant hat is rampant in the yard…it is very soft despite its spiky appearance…I liked how upon closer inspection, the tips of the leaves are red…

Oshkosh At 3500 Feet… 112/365

Oshkosh At 3500 Feet... 112-365

The flight home, other than being a blast, was uneventful…we made our way south with the wind yet again at out tail, listening to the other aircraft around us…at various stages of landing patterns, approaches and departures…we even caught a “jumpers away” over East Troy airfield and could see over our right wing, the silhouette of the diver and parachute as they drifted to the earth again…sorry, no image that time, I did have to fly the thing on occasion…

Wind Farms.. 

South of Oshkosh is a huge expanse of wind generators…not that they generate wind, but rather electricity from the wind…somewhat creepy to me in their gargantuan size with impossibly huge blades slowly rotating…the chart showed nine…I think they ran out of ink…

In the interest of not getting too lengthy in post, I will leave it here tonight and post today’s image with tomorrows and then I am back on track gain…until tomorrow…

Thanks for Visiting…

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