sil·hou·ette… 94/365

sil·hou·ette... 94/365

This one almost looks like an HDR image after all was said and done, but in fact it was just a single image initially processed in Lightroom to get the temperature, tint, tone, clarity, vibrance and sharpness set, then moved over to Photoshop and put it through my usual paces: Curves for more contrast, Lab color technique and the Orton type effect, then back to Lightroom to finish off and export to JPEG…a peek into my process a bit…more on that to come…


This one was processed similarly, but is an HDR image that was generated in Photoshop CS3 then tone-mapped in Photomatix then brought back into Lightroom to begin the above mentioned processing until…here it is! I have found that I prefer generating HDR images through Lightroom/Photoshop CS3 then tone-mapping them in Photomatix rather than generating them in Photomatix. The images are much sharper and cleaner done this way, and since the tone-mapping feature of Photomatix is all I use the program for at this point, the Photoshop plug in version of it would have done me just fine at a lower price tag.  I am sure the other features like the batch processing and such are useful, I just have not had the time to invest in learning it right now.  Maybe someday…until then… 

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