Lone Red Cloud… 87/365

Lone Red Cloud... 87/365

This is a three image HDR of the sunrise this morning. I wanted to try a little comparison to see if I could recreate some of the aspects of the HDR technique using a single image and processing techniques. What I came up with after an hour of messing around with various procedures I either read about or made up on the spot was this:

Lone Red Cloud... 87.5/365

Not too bad, but a lot of the depth created by the contrast in the HDR is missing and to blast the contrast to that level in a singe image processing was making it look like crap to me.  I am sure I could spend another hour on it and get closer, burning here and dodging there, but then, there would be no real point to all that work excepting maybe a little reduction in the noise that is evident in the HDR images.  In any sense, it was a fun experiment…

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